Al Zohaib Digital Printed Cambric Vol-2-23: Unveiling Timeless Elegance


Elevate your fashion game with Monsoon’s Digital Printed Cambric Vol-2-23, a versatile 3-piece ensemble featuring a stunning digital printed Cambric shirt, a beautifully printed Lawn Dupatta, and a dyed Cambric trouser. Experience timeless elegance and contemporary style with this unstitched masterpiece. The perfect addition to your wardrobe for 2023.

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Elevate your style with Monsoon’s Digital Printed Cambric Vol-2-23, a stunning 3-piece ensemble that encapsulates timeless elegance and contemporary fashion. This set includes:

  • A Digital Printed Cambric Shirt
  • A Digital Printed Lawn Dupatta
  • A Dyed Cambric Trouser


Please note that the actual colour may exhibit slight variations from the image shown. This product is sold as unstitched fabric only.

Delivery Details:

  • Delivery Time (Within Pakistan): 5-7 Working Days
  • Delivery Time (International): 7-10 Working Days

Enhance your wardrobe with Monsoon’s exquisite Cambric collection, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern style. Embrace the art of fashion with Monsoon.


Al Zohaib

Digital Printed Cambric Vol 2